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"the buzz" by hollow

"the buzz" by hollow

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OG Spliff & TiaCorine - LUV ME artwork

Posted by Hollow Creeper on November 5, 2020 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (1275)

Official single artwork shot by boshnovart 

mike is hollow mondays - 2 zip locks LIVE

Posted by Hollow Creeper on February 11, 2020 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (2)" target="_blank">

this is from February 2nd at one of my favorite places to perform, Southside Beer & Garden in Winston. Thank you to Joy for letting me perform because i originally went just to watch her. She had a plethora of dope artists out that day as well. I'll be adding random footage here and there. Anyway I keep watching this video because it doesn't look as bad as i felt. I've been feeling really detached lately (another blog post for another time) and as I was performing i felt like i was ASS but i was okay. I really feel like the energy of that venue will always have my back. The first time I performed at SSBG was April 1st 2019. That night was my first time meeting this girl I had been talking to on Instagram for like a month or so. We were vibing and drinking all night. During my performance I sang "Overwatch" to her. She went home with my nigga. I felt so great about the performance I wasn't even mad. I'm lying obviously I was pissed but for the narrative lets just say I didn't care. Moral of the story I love Southside Beer Garden and Flower in Bloom. Also shout out to my brother Phanypac for being there to capture the moment BOTH times and many more.

mike is hollow mondays - Valid Maverick Analysis

Posted by Hollow Creeper on January 7, 2020 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Valid Maverick dropped on January 5th 2015. I considered it my first album for many reasons. Leading up to that point I had dropped two official projects under the hollow creeper name (Detonate 4 Steps Away and The Highest Lows) but they only had digital releases and I didn't really put much time and effort into anything past the creation of the music (merch, promo, videos, and other accompanying content). Valid Maverick was the one. I really sat down and created a concept (which I'll explain in a second), compiled a budget and devised how to use my advantages. I had the amazing Madeline Pesce do the artwork and she hooked me tf up.


Valid Maverick: The Foundation. The first 7 tracks were to prove I could rap. The next 7 were to tell my current story.


1. Make it - listening to this joint now is always funny cause I really thought this beat was fire �� so weird. So out of place. So empty but yet... So full. The video for this is always gonna be legendary to me. The afro, the kimono, the hallways. And i was snapping bar for bar. Probably just ahead of its time. These gonna be the beats in 2052.

Favorite bars:

"I was working so hard on my presentation

That i forgot to stop my self-immolation

So my mind exploded; I am such a rodent

but im walking around like a pretty pony

that delivers omens i have never been phony"


2. Hot Isnit - The flow is WILD. I was just tryna show I'm different. Lots of overlooked bars in this one. The beat is classic hollow too. I don't make em like this anymore. I'm making a hot isnit type beat tonight fr. Sound like some Mickey Mouse in the Haunted Mansion type shit.

Favorite Bars:

"I shoulda been packed my own lunch.

Don't trust the system tryna mold us

It's not delicious when they brainwash,

and attempt to throw everyone's aim off"


3. Easy Creepy - This is one of those songs I never thought would be special but ended up one of the favorites. I really didn't know how to start it out so i just said "pizza with rift: episode 3" like fuck it. The hook off the dome but listening to it now is one of my favorites.

Favorite Bars:

"In my head, in my thoughts, in my brain

The way I call on my friends I'm Elaine

And they will always be there through the pain

That I have caused myself today"


4. Scrimmages - I'm the only nigga to make a song about kissing an alien. And when you kiss an alien your palette freeze. The beat is one of the darkest on the album. Maybe tied with immediate but idk this one has a certain grit and grizzle that no other beat does. Once again I gotta make a Scrimmages type beat.

Favorite Bars:



5. Alias - This that 808 Mafia trunk rattle song. I just wish I didn't have a feature cause I coulda went crazy on this hoe by myself. The beat switch is one of my favorites too.

Favorite Bars:

"And I hate giving apologies

that's cause I'm always right probably

I wouldn't call myself hollow creep

if I wasn't empty inside at least"


6. Immediate - This was supposed to have a video but the shots were trash. I could still do it. idk maybe one Monday. Anyway, the lyrics are dark and perhaps cringy. People do not need to hear this song.

Favorite Bars:

"So please stop speaking weak metaphors

I got 11 whores

That endorse

All 7 dwarves at Snow White's door"


7. Dangerous Canvas - I like this song a lot less these days. Used to be one of my favorites. The beat switch is still premiere. This is the last song before we go into "The Foundation".

Favorite Bars:

"I'm bout 18 with 8 Dreams...

1 is to make it

2 is to take this from valid maverick to the foundation"


8. The Foundation - Might be the best beat on the album. The sing song intro. I was actually really inspired by Outkast during the making of this track. Every bar on this song is truly me. For the second half of the album I really try to tap into a more personal side instead of just proving that i can rap.

Favorite Bars:


"Sometimes I gotta reiterate

the only thing that that would implicate

is that im serious about what i say

its a shame you not listening anyway"


9. Sit Back & Enjoy - PARAGON DON BIG DEBUT!! This was originally gonna be called "Burke Street Cypher" and have more than just me and Don on it but niggas was bullshitting. Don and I were in my room trying to write to the beat and Don realized he'd need a true rap name. We did some research and Paragon Don just stuck. I love how smooth this beat is too. Somebody send me some pads like this they don't make pads like this anymore.

Favorite Bars:

"Similar to olden laws, not allowed to go against me

If you choose to then I have to let you rest in peace like Whitney

Houston and the NBC show

Shouldn't let me into creep mode"


10. Must Watch - I'm a true creep with this joint. That boy said "Creep or not I Must Watch" A fun song about not really trusting women so I gotta watch whats really going on.

Favorite Bars:

"And by the way If you're listening

You should know that me and your sister friends

Persuaded her with my instruments

to let me hop right up into it

I'm just kidding miss

I did not have relations Bill Clinton did"


11. Immaculate - The only song I be skipping all the time but 5 years later it's not that bad I was just embarrassed by the situation cause I wrote this song about a girl who BIG friend zoned me.

Favorite Bars:

"nah bruh"


12. Update - After being friend zoned I wrote this. This is another one with the best outro instruments (along with The Foundation). I think was the first beat I made for this album.

Favorite Bars:

"Now that I see I hate everyone equal

I may seem so dark and I may seem so evil

But who got me through were the only real people

Like Darian Garrett Donovan and Patrick."


13. Perpetual - I lied this is the first beat I made for the album. The stacking piano should clash but it meshes. Delicious. Just enough singing. The hook gets a lil repetitive but I was inspired by those exact songs.

Favorite Bars:

"You get the theme? I'm just 17

But I got the mind of the oldest kings

I'm hollow creep, yeah I love feet

She keep em clean, She 23"


14. Stay Lovely - The last official song of the album (not including bonus tracks). My first video directed by the one and only Garrett "Yung Rett" Whitehead. This made me realize what I wanted to do with Valid Maverick video-wise. The beat is HEAVILY inspired by iLoveMakonnen's 21st street. The original from DMW3. If you know you know.

Favorite Bars:

"You can give me hate but you have failed to mention

All the wisdom you'd gain if you paid attention"




Posted by Hollow Creeper on July 6, 2019 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (8)

this is where i post literally anything i feel like. i wanna drop new music lowkey? the buzz. i wanna make a triller to my favorite fat dave track? the buzz. i wanna review a video game? the buzz. i wanna vent about management and life? the buzz.

thank you for your support + interest.

preorder joy's ep if you havent already.